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All you need to know when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

WELCOME to Kitesurfsrilanka.com! In this website you will find all the information that you need to know when kitesurfing in Sri Lanka = kite spots & best kitesurfing locations & windy season & kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. Learn more about the best kite spots in Sri lanka. Come to learn Kitesurfing in  Sri Lanka and discover some of the most amazing kitesurfing spots in the world. 

Sri Lanka welcomes you with open arms, tasty and healthy food and a lovely local mentility. The pearl of the Indian Ocean is a paradise to get the best belance between relaxation and fascinating water sports! And one watersport, which is especially celebrated here, is kitesurfing. Sri Lanka got ranked as one of the best kitesurfing destination worldwide. Why does Sri Lanka beats all the other spots as a kitesurfing destination? Well in Sri Lanka offers you the perfect kitesurfing conditions: Flat water in many lagoons, steady wind conditions and wind during nine months per year! Does that sound like music to years? Sri Lanka endows you richly, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer – In Sri Lanka you will find just the perfect kite spots, to go nuts on the waters – in a very postive way.

The couple to be: Kalpitiya & Kitesurfing Kalpitiya, a small fisherman villages with lagoons, shallowed water and islands

around, which transform this place into the kitesurfing heaven on earth. From Kalpitiya you will have the perfect starting base to discover the best spots to do kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya welcomes you with a quiet environment, surrounded by sublime nature and it takes you back to the Sri Lakan roots again, far away from mass tourism.

What is the Kitesurfing Sri Lanka experience?

Sri Lanka is an amazing country to discover: the people,  the culture, the landscapes, and the food! Furthermore, you will be able to experience kitesurfing in one of the world s best kitesurfing destinations. We can define the kitesurfing Sri Lanka experience by:


Kitesurfing + Yoga + healthy food + relax in a high-quality accommodation + new friends 


Kitesurfing = come for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and discover the best kite spots with flat and shallow water. You will be able to learn to kitesurf, progress in kitesurfing and discover the best kite spots in Sri Lanka


Yoga = practize your daily yoga excercise with our  recognized Yoga master Upul Banda


Relax in a high-quality accommodation = Stay in the best hotel in Kalpitiya by the lagoon

New friends = Meet people from around the world and share your  kitesurfing experiences


Come now to Sri Lanka for the Kitesurfing Sri Lanka experience!




Nowadays Sri Lanka is considered one of the top kitesurfing destinies in the world and probably is the best spot in Asia. Northern winds in winter  time and southern winds in summer time makes it a very friendly country to practise kitesurfing 9 months per year.  There are for sure other amazing kite spots in Asia like Vietnam, Thailandia or Indonesia, however any of these spots can bit the Sri Lankan wind statistics. In summer time , From May to Juin, there is an average of wind from 20 to 30 knots and in winter time from 14 to 20 knots. No other spot in Asia can compit with this wind statistics.  I you come to Asia for kitesurfing, Sri Lanka is by far the best kitesurfing in spot to choose. Furthermore, the conditions for kitesurfing are amazing: flat and shallow water and around 28-30 degrees. 




Why Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing?

If you are planning to go on a kitesurf trip in your future vacations, one of the most important thing to keep in mind is searching for a kite spot with very good wind statistics. You don´t want to ruin your holidays while waiting long time for the wind. Well, in Sri Lanka we have 9 months of wind a year and a very constant wind almost all the time. You will have a lot of chances to learn kite and to progress in kitesurfing. In addition, there are many lagoons where we teach kitesurfing in flat and shallow water. In kitesurf Sri Lanka you will learn kitesurfing with professional IKO instructors in town. Have fun and enjoy while your kitesurfing holidays in Sri Lanka




Vella Island is the perfect spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! Moreover,  if you have the chance to kite at night time with the full moon light, it is probably the best adventure that you can experience in life as a kitesurfing lover . The guys from Sun Wind Beach Kalpitiya organise every full moon a overnight stay in Vella Island.  Riding in Full moon, steady wind, flat water, good vibes, nice people, music and more. Sun Win beach kalpitiya is only kite school in Sri Lanka operated by locals Here you can see a video of the last Full moon riding

Alejandro´s challenge! How to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka for somebody who never did any watersport before

Alejandro wanted to change his life by learning kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. He is not used to do any water sport before. Will Alejandro achieve his challenge of learning kitesurfing and get better fit at the same time? Follow him in his youtube channel

Ruben Lenten in Sri Lanka!! Check out the video!!