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Sri Lanka kite spot, best kitesurfing in Sri lanka!

We are proud to host the best kitesurfing location in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka kite spot: the most epic kitesurfing camp & kite school in Sri Lanka:

 * Two kitesurfing seasons in Sri Lanka: from May to October and from December to March

* Best kitesurfing location in Asia: 3 waterfront bungalows facing the kitesurfing lagoon in Kalpitiya. Ready to kite! Launch your kite from your bungalow!

* Runned by the IKO center in Sri Lanka Margarita kite school

* Best Chill out bar in Kalpitiya. Sunset Bar & restaurat.Feel the vibes



Sri Lanka kite spot, a high quality kite school with IKO instructors in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. We are the only kite resort located directly in the kite spot in Kalpitiya lagoon: Receive lessons, kite equipment and the perfect accommodation for your kitesurfing trip. Sri Lanka kite spot: Jump & kite


1. Kiting & outdoor activities: You cannot get bored here because it is a paradise for outdoor activities like kiting, snorkeling, diving, canoying, stand up paddling and every an adventurer‘s heart desires. The best kitespots are close to Kalpitiya and they got perfect conditions just like flat, shallow water and steady wind conditions.


2. Unspoiled nature: You will get to see untouched nature, long beaches without tourism and the most stunning sunsets!


3. Road trips: Kalpitiya is the perfect base for trips in the surrounding area: Spot stunning biodiversity and rare animals at Wilpattu Nationalpark, see the sunrise at one of the oldest buddhism sights Anuradhpura, discover the wild Dutch Fort. We are happy to organize you trips in the surrounding area.

If you don‘t want to miss out on this, check our offers and fairly priced packages  here: -Kalpitiya kitesurfing school is happy to organize a perfect trip for you, so that you don‘t have to worry about anything. Only relax and kite ;)

Book now The cherry on the cake: Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

What are the best kite spots in Sri Lanka?

There are many places to kite in Sri Lanka and most of the best kite spots are located in the North west coast. From Negombo to Jaffna it is windy most of the year. By the other hand, the most famous spot located on the East Coast is Arugam Bay, where it is also possible to kite in the ocean among waves, however due to the lack of wind and the difficult conditions to learn kite, you won´t find many kite schools there. While on the west coast you can kite 9 months per year, on the east coast the wind is not so consistent

On the west coast you will find more easily some kite schools and you will be able to kite confident from May to October and from December to March.  These are the most famous spots on the west coast starting from South to North:

* Negombo

* Chilaw





*Dutch Bay

*Vella Island



Learn more about kite spots in Sri Lanka

Did you hear that Sri Lanka is the new top kitesurfing destination? Yes, indeed you can find some of the best spots in the world in the west coast of Sri Lanka. With more than 400 km of coastline there are countless of kite spots with super steady wind!

Sri Lanka is called the Pearl of the Indian ocean. This island is a very beautiful country located in south of India and during the last years it has become a very important tourist destination. Apart from its cultural heritage, Sri Lanka offers some of the best kitesurfing spots in Asia

The main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka is from ending of May up to ending September-beginning of May. During these months the wind is quite strong, with an average of 18 to 20 knots approximately. By the other hand, in winter time, the wind average is around 14 to 16 knots. It doesn´t matter in which season you are travelling to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip, because you can do kite trips anytime it is windy!!

The best kite spot in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing is located in Kalpitiya, where there is a lagoon with flat water. Depending on the tide sometimes the water is also very shallow, so it is a very good spot to learn kite. Also, from Kalpitiya, many kitesurfers go to other spots around, like the Vella Island kite trip, the Ippantivu island kite trip or the Dream spot kite trip! All these kite spots have flat water what is super suitable for whoever want to practise some kite tricks!

Are there other interesting kite spots in Sri Lanka?

Yes, there is a small lagoon called Kappaladi and it is also very near from Kalpitiya. You can learn kitesurfing in Kappaladi very easily because it is a small lagoon and very safe to learn kite.

Apart from Kappaladi, you can also do kite in Puttalam lagoon. Puttalam lagoon is a huge lagoon with more than 60 km large so you can imagine! It is like a flat water ocean! If you have the chance, you can organise a kitesurfing trip by the Puttalam lagoon to visit many islands around!

If you want to do kite in the east coast, you can fo to Arugam Bay, where the wind is no consistent as in the west coast, but this village is really authentic. Arugam Bay became very famous as a surfing destination and now is a touristic village full of surfers and with very good vibes!

What most of the people do when coming to Sri Lanka for a kitesurfing trip is go to Kalpitiya first and from Kalpitiya they plan some kitesurfing trips to some of the best kite  spots in Sri Lanka. Nowadays most of the resorts in KAlpitiya can organise very easily kite trips.